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Rafting & Kayaking

Extreme adventure sport! Rafting in Barinas is the best in Venezuela! Run the river with us!

Our adventure camp “Guamanchi Rafting Camp” is well located on one side of Siniguis river, a class IV River – “Aguas Bravas”. Please have a look at the Adventure Camp section!

(The river class for rafting is between 1 and 5 (5 is the highest).

The Siniguis river is a river with strong and long rapids, you can raft down only if you have trained before on the Acequia River, a class III River with short rapids.

The Acequia and Siniguis rivers are the best white river rafts in Venezuela, you will have a lot of adrenaline and fun!

The water is very clean and comes from Humboldt and Bolivar peak. The highest peaks of Venezuela. There are no villages between the peaks and our camp! Only nature, cloud forest and peace! We are located in Barinas State, at 500m.

The rafting trips are available during the wet season (normaly from May to November). The kayaking or dukky trips are available all year long. For the driest moment, tubing will be the most enjoyable.

Our guides are professional and born in the small village of “La Acequia”. They know each stone of the Acequia and Siniguis rivers. They raft and kayak every day. They also make part of the national rafting-team and take part in international rafting competitions every year.

We use professional gear. You will feel safe with us and our young and strong pilots.

We offer a 2 days / 1 night trip. With this tour, you will enjoy all the activities available in our camp.

1st day : Arriving in the camp for lunch. Canohave a nextpy system and rafting training in the Acequia River. Dinner and overnight in our Camp in rooms with private bathroom.

2nd day : Breakfast. Rafting in Siniguis River. Lunch. Climbing wall.

Most of the people prefer to arrive the day before to enjoy the camp, the beach with white sand, the beautiful garden and the relaxing temperature and have one full day without driving.

The activities in the camp are : rafting level III and IV,  canopy and climbing wall. The optional activities are walking, kayaking, swimming, mountain biking, birding and hammocking… (to rest in a hammock!).

Please bring towel, shampoo, soap, sandals, swimming suit, sweater, sun cream and mosquitos protection.

Come to visit us in our small paradise! We are waiting for you.