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Safari to Los Llanos (4 days / 3 nights)
General Information: About a third of Venezuela can be described as Los Llanos ('the plains'). This vast area is typified by extremely flat savanna scenery, isolated woodland, and thin strips of jungle along the edge of a network of rivers and streams. Human population is sparse, but animal life is abundant - 350 bird species, more than 50 types of mammals, in addition to thousands of insects, reptiles and fish. Compared to the Andes it could be a different planet.

Day  1
The jeep safari begins at our office in Merida at 8:00 am. From Merida our tour travels up the Chama- valley and over the mountains to Barinas, a city on the edge of Los Llanos. The scenery of the Andes en route is not to be missed. There are several stops to show you some highlights along the way - the stone church of Juan Felix Sanchez at San Rafael and Laguna Mucubaji in the Sierra Nevada Nacional Park.
Through the forest the altitude declines but the temperature rises til Barinas where the flatlands begin. It's a drive over rough roads towards a village called Mantecal. During this portion of the trip you'll have your first glimpse of the endless savanna and varieties of bird life. Our day journey ends at the camp. Here there are small huts equipped with mosquito nets and hammocks. It’s a family camp.

Day 2 - 3
Here we have two days to enjoy what the camp offers. Our goal is to see the variety of wildlife this region has to offer. The different activities this trip includes are: canoeing down river to see fresh water dolphins, fishing for piranhas that you may choose to have for dinner, looking for caimans or anacondas and horseback riding. It’s a paradise for bird watching; some of the birds we may see are the red, white and black ibises, storks and white egrets. Other animals we will have the opportunity to see are anteaters, monkeys, capybaras, anacondas, snakes in general, iguanas, turtles and the typical  cows and buffalos. The days in Los Llanos usually end with spectacular sunsets.
Day 4
Time to come back. It’s possible to stay in Mantecal if you want to go to San Fernando de Apure and Puerto Ayacucho. You can choice also to stay in Barinas (12 – 1pm) or to come back to Merida (around 5 – 6 pm).

The tour includes: guide, transport, food, basic accommodation and activities.

We need a minimum of 4 persons to form a group and organize a departure. Please contact us, we constantly have groups leaving.

What to bring: original passport! Towel, soap, shampoo, sun protection and repellent. Sweater for the first day, crossing the highlands. Long pants and trainers for the day you do horseback riding. Hat or cap, light clothes like shorts, t-shirt and sandals. It might be a bit cold early in the morning, please bring a light sleeping bag o blanket and a torch.
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