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Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Colombia

The “Sierra Nevada del Cocuy” oo “Sierra Nevada de Chita” or “Sierra Nevada del Güicán” is one of the biggest and nicest Colombian mountain formation. This Sierra is located at the north of the Oriental Cordillera in Boyaca State, approximately 30 km long.

The highest peaks are the “Ritacuba Blanco” (5330m) and the “Ritacuba Negro” (5300m) on the Oriental chain. The Sierra Nevada del Cocuy has the biggest Colombian glaciar, the lowest snow limit is at 4800m. There are 18 peaks covered by snow. In this area, there are many nice lakes and cascades too.

Our mountain guides just love to go there! They go for fun, to train and to guide.

If you would like to go trekking, hiking and climbing to the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy in Colombia, please contact us.

We are organizing a 12 o 16 day trip from Merida to the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy and back to Merida. We leave with one of our jeeps with all the mountain gear we need.

During the 12 day trip, you will have 10 days to discover the beautiful mountains of Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, reach the tops of different mountains like “El Ritacuba blanco, 5330m.” y “El Pan de Azucar, 5150m.”, go mountain biking and do some rock climbing. Every day, you are going to do something different.

During the 16 days trip, you will have 14 days to discover the beautiful mountain of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, doing an incredible trekking going from base to base of the snowy peaks. Sleeping in tent during the trek.

The trips include: transport from and to Merida; guides; food; accommodation and equipment.
What to bring: mountain gear, strong trekking shoes, warm clothes, hat, gloves, crampons, ice axe, backpack, rain gear, sun glasses y sun protection.

More pictures in our photo gallery.