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We highly recommend to follow after the Los Llanos trip to Amazonas State. It’s a good complement to have a good impression of the incredible secrets of Venezuela.
If you want to enjoy Indigenous Communities, typical indigenous handcrafts, boat trips and jungle, then you will have to visit Amazonas State and go maybe to Autana Mountains in a 3 day trip or going down the Humboldt trail in a 8 to 15 day trip.
We can organize a tour of 5 days / 4 nights, visiting Merida, El Paramo and Laguna Mucubaji (3600m.); enjoying the wildlife of Los Llanos (please see Los Llanos section) and follow to Puerto Ayacucho, capital of Amazonas State. It’s a very varied trip, with different vegetation, landscapes and natives. In Merida, you will enjoy the Andes, the mountains, the fresh air and the typical food; in Los Llanos, you will enjoy the incredible wildlife and in Amazonas, the indigenous and the jungle. Venezuela has it all and with this trip you are going to enjoy 3 totally different landscapes.