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Adventure Camp Guamanchi

Our small paradise! Located on the Siniguis riverside, at Caño Grande, a small hamlet in Barinas State; the foot of the Venezuelan Andes. The temperatures are between 18 and 28ºC. With a clear sky, you are able to see the countries highest mountains (Humboldt and Bolivar peaks). You can enjoy a sporty or relaxing stay! Very peaceful! The Siniguis River has crystal blue water and bordered by tropical forest.
In the camp, you will enjoy a beautiful blooming garden with flowers like: orchids, hibiscus, jasmin, hortensia and trees like mango, orange, lemon, papaya, avocado, coconut etc…    
It's also a perfect place to swim, chill out and get sun tanned.
During a short hike or a mountain biking ride, you can visit the nearby indigenous petroglifs.
There are a great variety of South American Northwest birds. The most famous are: the andean cock of the rock, ara cloroptera, whistling heron, green tailed jacamar, crested oropendola, red billed toucan, lineated wood pecker, quetzals, curassows… see birdlist    
Or what about a 2 or 3 days trek through the wild tropical cloud forest to the lost town of San Juan Bautista?
Athletes from all around the world choose our camp for a high level training.
Each year in november, we organize the “ECO-GUAMANCHI”, an adventure race with running, mountain biking, kayaking or tubing, climbing wall and canopy.
Come to visit us and live a unique experience!

To get to the adventure camp in Barinas, you have to get first to Barinas. Then you take the way to San Cristobal. It takes 60 km or about 50 minutes to get to the little village “La Acequia”. A tip to get to “La Acequia” (via San Cristobal): you will pass 3 metal bridges; 1st is "El Paguey", the 2nd is "El Canagua" and the 3rd is "La Acequia". Right after the bridge of “La Acequia”, (there is a police checkpoint. DON’T PASS IT) turn right. You will see a sign of “Guamanchi Camp 12 km”, painted on the wall of the hardware store. It’s a dirt track but in good conditions, almost flat. It is a 40 minute drive to get to the camp from La Acequia. You don’t need to have a 4x4 car to get there. If you don’t have a car, take a public transport to “La Acequia” and we will pick you up. 

Our adventure camp features:

a colonial house with 10 rooms with private bathroom, capacity of 4 - 5 persons each
a climbing wall of 12m.
a canopy system of 230m in total
a private beach next to the Siniguis river

The activities:

rafting, level III and IV
mountain bike
trekking and walking
horseback riding
birds watching
Don’t miss the pictures in our “photo gallery
For any reservation or questions: posada@guamanchi.com